Director/major shareholder?

Your external adviser

As a director/major shareholder, you want to be a good director of your company as well as a successful entrepreneur. Sometimes those two aims can be in conflict, for instance in situations where you can realize a significant tax or other benefit as a private individual. In addition, there are various statutory obligations and requirements to take into account. We will be pleased to act as your sparring partner, offer an external perspective, and alert you in good time to possible problems and negative consequences.

Of course you talk about a range of issues with your employees, but there are some topics you would rather discuss with an external adviser. We will be pleased to fulfil that role for you. We will carefully examine your business, the legal entities you have set up, and your role as an entrepreneur and private individual. Hesseling Accountancy & Advisering can provide you with appropriate advice and support. Contact us for more information.